Growth of SMS Marketing in France

 SMS is often seen as an old fashioned communication tool. However it is by far the most efficient marketing channel, when well used. The potential reach is pretty much 90%+ of the population (no need to have a smartphone or to install an App), the opening rate is close to 100% and it can be used in various stages of your relationship with a customer.

 This year, Odeosis Consulting overlooked the publication of the annual performances of SMS Marketing, as published by the Mobile Marketing Assocation France (MMA) and the AF2M (French Association for the Development and Promotion of multi-Operator Multimedia Services). 

Transactional SMS (sent to confirm a payment, an appointment, sending a parcel, etc.) has seen another amazing performance with 36% growth YoY. This confirms the importance and efficiency of this communication channel in improving your customer relationship!

As highlighted by Jean-Philippe Gallet, in charge of the Messaging Commission at the MMA, the implementation of DSP2 (and strong authentication) hasn’t impacted the usage of transactional SMS.

Promotional SMS (sent to inform about a promotion, an event, etc.) have also shown a progression of 9,5%.

But most of all, this publication also highlights that the usage of SMS still has great potential ahead as the number of SMS received by mobile subscribers is still below UK level, with 9,6 SMS / subscriber while it is at 12 in the UK.

SMS Marketing progression in France

You can also download the PDF version  here, read the MMA article here or the one by the AF2M as well.

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